Ritam Bhatnagar

Founder, IFP

Ritam was 21 when he founded IFP (Previously India Film Project) from his hostel room. IFP started as a 50 hour filmmaking challenge with 600 filmmakers in 2011 and went on to become Asia’s largest gathering of creators with 85,000 creators in 2022 under Ritam’s vision. Apart from the festival, IFP is currently a community of 8.5 lac filmmakers, video creators, gamers, writers, storytellers, musicians, photographers and creators from various backgrounds.

IFP has also evolved into an IP’s company with over 4 award winning IPs in their kitty in the last 2 years itself, working with over globally leading 40 brands annually.

Featured by Forbes recently, Ritam has been a multiple times TEDx speaker and a guest speaker at various forums about content, events, startup and IPs as well as MBA colleges talking about marketing, content and entrepreneurship. He also runs his own Sales bootcamp, a monthly virtual workshop that sees more than 100 participants from across the country. He is mentor and consultant for few media startups and previously a columnist in DNA. He has been World Economic Forum’s chosen Global Shaper in the past.

Ritam is also building India’s largest Lego City and creates products and murals for global brands such as Red Bull & Hamleys using the bricks.

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